Alumni Association Board of Directors

Welcome Alumni Association Board of Directors.
Let us know what you are doing for October, 2006.


5 Responses to “Alumni Association Board of Directors”

  1. Ward J. Henry Says:

    Welcome. LACC/SCUHS is in the middle of some great programs that we all need to learn from, commit to, and contribute. Gerontology, sports fitness and performance enhancement, inclusion of chiropractic physicians at all levels of health care and health care communities. Leave a comment or a hello. We are hoping to talk to all of you, because we need your input and help.
    Stay healthy, evolve. Dr. Henry

  2. Victor Prong Says:

    Dear Dr. Hane:
    The blog is a great and awesome idea. Beside, I have my new web site posted recently. It is my pleasure inviting you to visit my web site. Please give me your comment, I will be very appreciated.

  3. Sheila Hanes Says:

    Dr. Prong,
    Congratulations on the new website. You have gone hi-tech! It looks great.

  4. David Halverson Says:

    Hi everyone!
    As new SCUHS President of Alumni, I am commited to addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Our association has much to accomplish this year in advancing our postition in the healthcare community, suporting the students, the college and each other. I’m counting on all of you to give generously in ideas, comments or funding for your favorite project. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your service.
    Best in health,
    David Halverson

  5. scuhs Says:

    What challenges should students look for once they graduate?

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