Welcome SCU Alumni

We invite you to explore the following pages and links which provide a variety of information and services to assist our alumni worldwide. Through effective communication, programs and events, we hope to maintain a life-long association with our graduates by creating opportunities to stay in touch with the school and each other.


4 Responses to “Welcome SCU Alumni”

  1. Susan Bowers Says:

    I think this is a great idea – to give all of us who care for SCU a place to share news, ideas and comments.


  2. Kevin McNamee Says:

    How to Buy, Sell and Open a Practice Seminar, sponsored by the SCU Toastmasters Club, will be held Sunday, November 12, 2006 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at the SCU campus.

    Topics include:

    How to Buy a Practice with No Money Down and other Financing Options
    Selecting a Location
    Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation. Which is best for you?
    How to Establish Your Fees
    What is your cost per patient visit calculation?
    Should You Sign-Up with those HMOs?
    How to set your goal to gross $200,000 per year
    How to establish a multi-disciplinary practice.
    RENT: How much should you pay – Percentage vs. Flat Rent?

    The fee is $40 for SCU students and alumni who register before November 3. After November 3 the price goes up to $50. Register early and save.


    Merchandise Voucher: At the seminar conclusion, The Supply Center, which distributes medical supplies and equipment throughout the United States, will give all registrants a $10 merchandise voucher. (Valid for six months.)

    FREE: Be one of the first 10 to register and you will receive Dr. Kevin McNamee’s books “Insurance Billing Procedures,” “Insurance Billing Office Forms” and “Office Procedures.” This is a $139 value for FREE for the first 10 to register.

    FREE: Be one of the first 10 to register and receive four (4) boxes of asiamed acupuncture needles which are made in Germany. This is a $40 value. All others will receive one (1) box of asiamed acupuncture needles for all other registrants. This is a $10 value.

    Call the Supply Center today to register. 800-549-5993
    Space is limited.
    Support the SCU Toastmasters Club and your future practice

    Speaker Dr. Kevin McNamee, DC, L.Ac. is an acupuncturists and chiropractor. He graduated in 1987 from LACC and has been in active practice since. He is the Director of the California Health Institute which is a multi-disciplinary health care facility in Woodland Hills, California where he combines both healing arts to benefit his patients. His seminar series has been given throughout the country. Learn how to develop a successful practice.

  3. Amy Bardwell Says:

    If you haven’t heard about the Alumni Mentor Network, check it out: http://www.scuhs.edu/admission/mentor

    Opportunities include fielding calls and emails from curious students, attending college fairs to speak with prospective students, visiting local high school classrooms, and being available for ‘job shadowing’ or exploratory college internships.

    Just a few ways for LACC and CAOM grads to support their professions and SCU!

  4. Jan Price Says:

    Alumni seeking employment opportunities should check SCU’s website for the Professional Opportunities/Information Exchange at http://www.scuhs.edu/proopportunities/

    This virtual publication is updated around the 15th of the month.

    This is one way SCU grads receive support from the SCU community after they’re out there bringing healing to the world!

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